Presenter Remote Control for PowerPoint and Keynote -LG290

Product Description

Conveniently portable and easy-to-use, it frees you from distraction and allows you to focus on what matters most at the touch of a button.The PowerPoint Remote Control is designed so that there is no need to interrupt your presentation to advance frames and includes an integrated Laser Pointer.

Fully compatible with Windows/Mac, no software is required, just plug in and it works. Ergonomic in design means that the Remote can be placed in the Express Card Slot or PCMCIA slot for storage when not in use.

Key Specifications:

  • PowerPoint Remote Control
  • Built in Laser Pointer
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac
  • Can be stored in Express Card Slot or PCMCIA slot with adaptor (Included)
  • Dongle can be stored within the remote control