Universal FM Transmitter with LCD

Product Description

Listen to your audio device wirelessly through an FM radio or FM car stereo. Powered using 2 X AAA batteries or the Car Adaptor (Included), it can store up to 10 common FM stations which can be changed at the touch of a button for the clearest possible signal.

The backlit LCD shows frequency, time & temperature. The unit can transmit to any FM frequency between 87.6Mhz to 107.9Mhz. Included is a USB charging port to recharge USB MP3 players. It is an absolute must-have for any iPod or MP3 owner.

  • Transmits to any FM frequency between 87.6MHz to 107.9MHz
  • LCD with blue backlight for frequency, time & temperature
  • Powered by the car adaptor (supplied) or 2 X AAA batteries
  • Stores up to 10 common FM stations.
  • USB Charge point